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CCAA is a highly regarded publisher of technical guides, handbooks, datasheets, and briefing notes all written specifically for architects, engineers, builders and tradespeople who design and work with cement, concrete and aggregates. If quality of design and workmanship is your objective it is well worth your while to stay up-to-date by regularly reviewing CCAA's latest technical releases.

CCAA also publishes a range of magazines showcasing the best of concrete design and application in international and domestic structures (C+A and Mix), and the latest in urban landscaping concepts (The Public Domain). If inspiration is your aim checking these publications out is a must.

Many of CCAA's publications are freely downloadable from our website - the online resource centre for cement, concrete and aggregates.

The latest of each of our publications can be found below

Latest Briefing:
Briefing 19 Sustainable Use of Aggregates
This briefing provides guidance on the specification and use of recycled aggregates to
produce a truly sustainable product with high performance characteristics.

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C+A magazine continues Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia's proud tradition of producing high quality publications, including industry-standard reference texts and books on concrete design and construction, for architects, engineers and design professionals.

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Concrete Concepts:
Concrete Concepts
Here you will find a series of case studies on the best examples of concrete framed high-rise commercial construction in Australia. These case studies are supported by images, engineering detail and information links.

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Latest Data Sheet:
Energy Efficiency in Building Regulations and the Use of Concrete in Housing
Energy Efficiency in Building Regulations and the Use of Concrete in Housing outlines energy efficiency provisions of BCA 2011 Volume 2 as it applies to Class 1 and 10a buildings and the use of concrete in the context of these provisions.

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Latest Guide/Handbook:
Concrete Pumping Guide WA

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Latest Mix:
Mix 23 - February 2008
Mix 23 focuses on issues associated with the insulation of concrete structures for improved energy efficiency, with particular relevance to residential design and new provisions of the Building Code of Australia. It includes an example of a fully insulated concrete house designed by Atelier Bow-Wow in Tokyo; and recent approaches to ‘warm'and ‘cold' concrete in the design of two apartment buildings in the Victorian Alps by Salter Architects. Mixtips provides a case study of earth coupling thermal mass in a house designed for precast concrete panel construction with a concrete floor slab in Bethanga Victoria by tUG workshop. The specification guideline outlines the design of concrete roof slabs with the installation of green roof systems for energy efficiency and reduced heat transfer; followed by a survey of research initiatives which have emerged in these applications over the past 40 years.

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Latest Onsite:
OnSite - Delamination of Concrete Industrial Floors
What is delamination, what causes it and how to minimise the risk of its occurence are briefly outlined.

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Latest Public Domain:
Public Domain Awards 2013

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Latest Report:
The Public Domain Issue 18 July 2013

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Latest Road Note:
Road Note 70 - April 2005
This issue takes a retrospective look at one of the highest profile segmental paving projects of recent decades, Sydney Olympic Park. The paving focus is continued with features on Adelaide's Riverbank Promenade and Convention Centre, bespoke art pavers recently used in North Hobart, and the Urangan Central shopping centre in Hervey Bay. The technical feature covers the design of pavements for pedestrian and vehicular traffic utilising segmental pavers and flags.

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Latest Safety:
Industry Safety Flag 04
CCAAs Industry Safety Flag 04 Euro V Truck Exhausts refers to the identification of a hazard with trucks manufactured to comply with Euro V Emission Standards, the associated risk and includes risk reduction measures and ongoing actions.

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Latest Technical Note:
Aggregate for sprayed bituminous surfacing - the requirements of AS 2758.2 - 2009
This technical notes provide background knowledge of the requirements used when supplying aggregates for sprayed bituminous surfacing.

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